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Hello, everyone. Welcome to "Gruber's Dream" - a site, dedicated to Lieutenant Hubert Gruber from the Brittish TV comedy series 'Allo 'Allo. I really like this guy and find him funny and interesting. Because I haven't found much stuff about him on the Internet, I decided to make a web site myself. This web site will be about Gruber himself and, as the title of the site suggests, about his undying love for the indifferent to him Rene Artois.


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-30th March 2010-

It's been three years since I last posted news here... omg! I know, I should be ashamed! But the thing is - after Guy's coming to Holland in May 2008, together with Gorden, I haven't really had contact with him any more. I mean that time it was such a wonderful experience and those of you who know me would have already heard me talk about that weekend more than enough times! And we even made each other promises that he might come visit me some time without it being for a convention specially and I said I might go to London so he suggested we could meet up and have dinner etc. After he left I sent him mails... a couple of them - I was asking when is a convenient time for him because I want to plan my trip to London. Eventually he didn't answer for a long time and then many months later I believe he said that he was busy with moving or renovating his house together with his fiancée. Eventually I never went to London (for other reasons) and we didn't communicate any more for a long time.

Anyway, the news is that he is coming to Holland now again - on the 10th and 11th of April. And now I am thinking whether I should go see him or not... people tell me to go and not miss this chance but I am still considering.

In any case - for those of you who live in Holland: he is going to be present at the Verzamelaars Jaarbeurs in Utrecht on that date. (On his website it says November but I figured it's a mistake since those dates are not on Saturday and Sunday in November and also according to the Jaarbeurs' website it is happening in April.)

-29th April 2007-

I LOVED IT!! ^o^ I HOPE ALL FANS OF ALLO ALLO OUT THERE, WHO HAD A CHANCE, ALSO SAW IT! An hour and a half full of comedy and entertainment. It was great to see all those actors after all this time again. Funny thing is, even though they have aged, after putting the costumes and make up on there was hardly any difference! =o Especially Gorden Kaye (Rene) - he was almost the same. And so was Vicky Michelle (Yvette). ^^ It was really fun. They even involved the audience at a certain point (it was on a stage). Lol, Crabtree teaching French! XD ..and translating Rene's 'french' to English (basically repeating the same). Wonderful! XD And there was Michelle coming back with her "Listen very carefully, I shall this only once". Rene said he was always wondering what she was wearing under her coat. Now he finally got a chance to see as she opened it up in front of him and revealed her secrets. Though I'm not saying what it was she had been hiding all this time, as some of you might still be about to watch it.

Mimi and Leclerc returned as well with a little surprise of their own. And of course, my all time favourite - Lieutenant Gruber didn't miss his chance to pass by while Rene was bending over the bar with his bum in the direction of the door. XD Gruber reminded himself as well as Rene of all the 'moments' they had together in that cafe. He also sang "Mad about the boy" once again embarassing Rene... I really love those two lines (something like this):
Gruber: "Rene, even after all this time you haven't changed at all!"
Rene: "I see neither have you..."
Gruber: "I am sure you could also feel that there was always something special between us."
Rene: "Yes - the bar." (quickly making his way behind the bar)

Marvelous!! X'D
I wonder why they called it a coming back of Rene's rival though...

After it ended there was an episode straight away and it was a one, very stacked up with laughter, with that! Man, after non-stop laughing for 2 hours my cheeks are sore but I can go to bed and have verrrry sweet dreams.

Goodmoaning.. I mean - Good Night, to all!


-27th April 2007-

ZE BIG NEWS, PEOPLE! IT'S ALMOST HERE! The new episode of 'Allo 'Allo! - the 105 minutes-long one off special return of the show. On Saturday evening - 28th April at 21.00 British timezone on BBC2 (if you are lucky enough to actually have BBC2). DO NOT MISS IT! ^.^

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