Gruber's Dream

More about Gruber as a character in the series

Lieutenant Hubert Gruber is a young German officer, who by the time of his first appearance in the series (the first episode) had just arrived from the Russian Front and was still rather tense. However, in that same episode he met Rene for the first time and that made him forget all his troubles. Their first conversation was a big misunderstanding, where Rene thought he was a secret agent sent by Michelle of the Resistance. When he asked him “Are you one of them?” Gruber thought his secret had been revealed and answered with “Well, it was rather lonely on the Russian Front!”(click for sound/video file) This is a classical moment that puts the beginning of all indirect jokes about his sexuality. From that moment on Gruber became totally addicted to Rene and doesn’t miss a chance to spend some time with him (while Rene does his best to try and avoid him).


Gruber instantly got involved with the business around the picture “The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies”, that Rene, Colonel Von Strom and Captain Hans Geering are holding. He even now seems to be the only one, who can successfully keep track of which are copies, made by some of them or by Her Flick and which is the original and where each one is located. The others always get confused, except for Helga, who later joined the club as well. Gruber is very useful because he, himself can make copies and has a good understanding of art.

Gruber is a tank driver and his 'little tank' is his other big personal treasure. He is very proud of it, takes good care of it and would always offer others a ride just as to show off a little.

Overall Hubert Gruber is kind and good-hearted. He always does his best to help Rene and not once Rene would have been doomed if it hadn’t been for Gruber to rid him from some dangerous situations. Gruber is always very polite and loyal to the ones he serves (General Von Klinkerhoffen, Herr Flick). He has many talents, one of which is art. Another one is playing the piano and singing. He’s got a very sweet voice and his singing has not once brought sentimental tears in the eyes of the other young officers, around in the café.


A quote from “The Dances of The Hitler Youth” when he was singing “Falling in love again”:

Hans (tear-eyed): Lieutenant Gruber… He’s very handsome!

Colonel (O_O): Not you too?!

Gruber's occupations: He used to be a window dresser and after that - an assistant in an art gallery in Cologne, where he earned quite some good understanding of art.

Another interesting point to make is that even though the whole gang was relying on the paintings which they were to sell after the war for money, the Lieutenant is the only one who actually succeeded in becoming wealthy without the paintings. 

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