Gruber's Dream


Here I'll be putting some of my favourite scenes with Gruber and René. You can download them or watch the first one right here on this page! yay! ^^ Enjoy:

cene 1. This is their first meeting and conversation where Rene accidentally finds out about Gruber's 'nature'!
This is a screenshot sequence with the text next to the pictures:
-(Word Document) Pilot Scene - First Meeting
And here you candownload the part of the scene where Rene asks him if he's one of them:
-(Sound file) Are you one of them.mp3
- Are you one of them (S1E00).wmv

Scene 2. Here Gruber is talking about the French's jewelery (particularly Rene's ring) and then he shows Rene his own necklace thingy with a photo of a guy with long blond hair. >.>
-Jewelery and hair (S1E01).wmv

Scene 3. Bols! lol Gruber wants to try a new 'exotic gin' that Rene has just brought in but little does he know about the real reason of why Rene doesn't want to give him any of it.
-Bols (S1E03).wmv

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